Quick Facts

Author/Developer: Ben Clark

Studio: Beat the Book Studios

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

Platforms: iOS and Android Devices

Contact: Contact@beatthebookstudios.com

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Key Game Features

1-4 Player Co-op

Explore 20 lively fairy tale locations

Build your strength, magic and charisma to bash, blast and bluff your way through wacky fairy tale situations.

Earn gold to buy weapons and potions

Experience a unique narrative system that uses hundreds of illustrations and interactive stories to create a new adventure every time you play

Unlock stories and discover over a hundred hilarious endings

Game Description

It’s F.E.D.U.P. Day in the kingdom and parents everywhere are thrilled that they can Finally Evict their Deadweight Useless Progeny. That’s you! But don’t feel too bad. You might have all the strength, magic and charisma of a soggy sandwich, but you know something that no one else knows: the kingdom is destined for disaster. Witnessing a daily countdown to your tragic demise is the only dampener on what is otherwise a delightful week in a picturesque fairy tale kingdom. Do you go adventuring on a pirate ship, explore twisting caves, or brave the Darker Scarier Woods? If that’s too fun, you could head over to the library to brush up on your spells. But look out! No matter what you choose, some weird and wacky adventure awaits. How will you react? After a week of facing unpredictable predicaments in dozens of destinations, will you be ready to save the kingdom from catastrophe?

Probably not. But with over 100 hilarious endings and a unique narrative system that changes the story every time you play, you will be sure to enjoy this 1-4 player narrative game again and again.

Quick Author Bio

Ben is an award-winning writer and the founder of Beat the Book Studios. He holds a Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing from the University of Melbourne. His mission is to make gamebooks that are fun for all ages, believing that this is the best way to engage young people to develop a love of reading. Ben works closely with Australian teachers and parent groups to ensure his gamebooks are as engaging as possible.

Explore a doomed fairy tale kingdom that changes every time you play.

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Story Ideas

How To Make Losing Fun

The human drive to win is such a strong force in gaming that it can replace the need for challenging game play. Idle games or clicker games are an obvious example, as they require the player to do little more than tap the screen. Unlike more traditional games that offer challenges, these games keep their players happy by being impossible to lose. But is there a way to keep players happy without getting rid of challenging gameplay? Ben Clark, the creator of Kingdom Catastrophes, thinks there is. More

Can gaming be a pathway to reading?

Knowingly or not, new parents usually make decisions based on their own upbringings. But sometimes rapid change forces parents to make unprecedented decisions. The generation who only read books had to decide how much TV is too much. The generation who got their first mobile/cell phone at 20 had to decide whether their toddler might benefit from a tablet before they were expected to use one in school. No modern parent can deny that screens are an incredible tool, but neither can they deny that they are an incredible distraction.

No one knows this better than Ben Clark, who was held back a year at school when his literacy skills were judged not up to scratch. More

Are Orbital Narratives the New Choose Your Own Adventure?

We all remember Choose Your Own Adventure books – If you go to the cave, go to page 26. If you stay home, go to page 43. They were a feature of my summer holidays growing up, and if you were anything like me, you tried to track your path by adding multiple bookmarks, so that when you inevitably lost, you could backtrack and try again. And then 30 minutes later you’d won, and the book was put into your bookshelf to gather dust. Well, I’m here to tell you that those days are over, and the new arrival is what some people are calling Orbital Narratives.

Well, I’m here to tell you that those days are over, and the new arrival is what some people are calling Orbital Narratives. More

Permission Disclaimer

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